Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to Choose a Limestone Supplier for a Retaining Wall

Are you thinking of building a beautiful natural stone retaining wall in your garden? The quality of the materials you use in the wall will make all the difference in building a stunning natural feature in your landscape, making it necessary to find a reliable limestone supplier to provide you with the finest natural rock.

When looking for a limestone supplier, try to find one that sources their blocks from a well established quarry. This will ensure that the quality and cut of the blocks are consistent, allowing you to build a retaining wall with a beautifully smooth facade. You should also choose a limestone supplier that is wholly Australian owned and operated, to both support Australian industry and to reduce costs associated with transporting the materials.

Australian quarried stone is also recognised worldwide as being of very high quality, so you should not choose a supplier that tries to palm you off with a lower grade stone or even a man made limestone substitute. Although concrete imitation stones may be cheaper, they are not nearly as durable as the real thing, and will degrade and weather badly over time.

Choose a limestone supplier that offers landscape pavers or blocks in a variety of different cuts, finishes and colours to allow you to create the right look for your garden. Plain and unadorned stone can sometimes look cold, harsh and out of place when it does not match the landscape around it properly, so it is important for you to plan the eventual landscape and planting design when purchasing your materials.


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