Thursday, 22 December 2011

When Your Good Sandstone Pavers Turn Bad – The Importance Of Sealing

There are many different ways you can use sandstone slabs in your house and garden. Sandstone isn't just for simple paving and pool surrounds, in fact it can be used for creating fascinating design features inside and out.
  • Cobbles : Sandstone cobbles are a traditional form of paver that offer long term support in heavily used areas. Because cobbles are a thicker cut than standard pavers, they are capable of supporting much heavier weights, and are perfect for shared walkways and driveways.
  • Kitchen Benches : Sandstone makes a beautiful and durable material for use in kitchen benches. Using one continuous slab of natural rock makes any kitchen look more streamlined, clean and attractive.
  • Wall Tiles :The natural texture of sandstone makes it perfect for use in beautiful indoor wall tiles. Sandstone wall tiles are available in a number of different designs and sizes, each of which add a lovely, tactile structure to your walls.
  • Construction : As well as having fantastic decorative qualities, sandstone is also a sturdy and versatile construction material. Sandstone has been used as the major construction material in houses and buildings of all sizes since ancient times for its durability and ease of cutting and shaping.
  • Paving : Sandstone is a very popular paving material. It is hardy and weather resistant, making it suitable for all sorts of landscaping applications.
  • Patios :The natural rock can be laid in large, square tiles or rough unhoned slabs to form beautiful rosy pink and muted beige patios. The sandstone can support heavy outdoor furniture as well as frequent footfalls.


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