Thursday, 20 October 2011

Explore the Utility of Sandstone

Sandstone has been in used since several centuries. In fact, it has been a tradition for years. Many historic buildings are the evident of this fact. Sandstone’s natural beauty, availability of colors and many other practically useful features make it essential for many applications. Although, this natural stone is commonly used as building material, but it is also used for artistic purposes, such as to create ornamental fountains and statues. Its eternal beauty is so rich that you are bound to fall for it. Use it as artistic material or building material, this is going to serve your purpose anyway.

Sandstone is extremely strong because of which is accepted as an appropriate material for flooring and paving. Large commercial buildings like malls, shopping complexes, hotels, office and other structures use this stone widely to create a strong platform for floor. They last very long and do not require frequent repairing and heavy maintenance.

Though, it is a natural stone, yet it is resistant to acids and alkalis. Due to its unique features, it makes as only suitable flooring component for chemical industries. Sandstones are also popular in sea shore buildings and walls as they are resistant to air and saline water and remain undamaged for several years. The cause for this is its ability to excellently bind with cement, which is an additional benefit to its longevity. If you want natural look or a touch of traditional interior, using sandstone in fireplace is an excellent idea. There are a lot more similar ideas can be implemented.


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